Lady Lucia Lock - Kik / Text Domination

Perhaps for some the practicality of visiting a real time Dominatrix is not there. Or maybe you simple prefer the privaleage of being Dominated via Text / kik or other instant message service.

Does the thrill of a task sent via text excite you. Does the thrill of being messaged and knowing that you have a specific time limit to reply, otherwise a penalty will be applied.

A monthly fee for this service is applicable depending on the level of contact that you require. Do not approach me before you have a realistic expectation of the level of contact that you would like. Ensure that when you do approach you have a clear understanding of what is required.

When you are ready, do not approach me until you have purchased an Amazon voucher and emailed it to:
Professional Remote and Online Domination Services

Key Holding, Financial, Email and Text Domination
Lady Lucia Lock