Lady Lucia Lock - Key Holding

Do you wish to be locked and denied by a commanding Dominatrix. Your key held safe in your Mistresses clutches? Would you prefer the unknown and have no idea when you release date will be? Or perhaps you like the idea of fate deciding.

Above all this is about your denial and my authority over you. My control and command will drive you to beg for release. Of course you will be ignored, but your pathetic manhood will be enslaved to me.

There are a number of ways in which Key Holding can be done so before getting in touch please read the following carefully.

Professional Remote and Online Domination Services

Key Holding, Financial, Email and Text Domination
Lady Lucia Lock
Taster: The best option for an absolute novice. Never tried this before or new to a device. This is for a 7 day period and as with all options can include either a metal padlock or plastic numbered lock. Daily email proof of the device in place is required.

Option One: Specific length of time. This is an option that is negotiated specific to your requirements. Time can be a few days to a year and beyond. This can be in increments of set periods or all in one hit. Daily emailed proof is required.

Option Two: Random period between 7 days and 60 days. You will not be allowed the privilege or freedom to know your release date. Extensions may be given when your behaviour does not meet with my expectations. Daily emailed proof is required.

Option Three: Perhaps the most ‘Fun’, I will use several ways to determine the length of time you are locked for. Perhaps I will base it on a contrived number of retweets on social media or similar, perhaps you will simple have to earn release by completing one of my many challenges. Or maybe we will leave it to fate, and you will be given a weekly opportunity of release. Of course, I will decide the odds, so fate will perhaps play the smallest of hands. Daily email proof is required, plus proof of completion of tasks.

Games: The final method and not always available. I run various games for my remote key held subs which I post details about on social media. An example is a 30-day chastity challenge. Open to all this example is quite simple. An entrance fee of £100 is paid, can you last 30 days? If the answer is yes you receive £50 back at the end of the period. Should you require to be unlocked sooner there is a charge. Day 1 - £300. Day 2 - £290 etc. As every day goes by £10 is removed from the early release charge. Once paid your key will be sent next day delivery.

Pricing and Deposit: For my main keyholding pricing structure, please see below table. Please note, all options regardless of amount of contact you choose must have a one-off deposit paid in full before commencement of your chastisement. This is on top of the monthly charge. The deposit is £ 100.00 GBP. ($117 Euros at the time of writing). This will be refunded to you minus the cost of the device AND if you complete your period without the need for early release.

Choosing the right chastity device for you: Under normal every day circumstances I will send you the chastity device via recorded delivery. Alternatively, if you have your own I will send you a lock. The lock will be present however no key. With immediate effect, you will place yourself in the cage and secure the lock. Proof will be required that you have started your term.

You will have a choice of devices and although I will make recommendation, everyone is unique and some will fit you better than others. I am happy to work with you on this unless you already have a chosen device in mind. Part of your deposit payment will include the device itself.

Should you feel a metal padlock would not give you quick enough release in an emergency or due to work you have a requirement to go through a metal detector (i.e flying) I am more than happy to arrange either a plastic chastity device or a metal device with a numbered tag. (See image). This will ensure that your device can be removed in an emergency or that you can travel with piece of mind. You will need to advise me of this before you pay your deposit to ensure that the right device or lock is available for you.

Safety first: Safety and common sense are vital for your overall experience to be an enjoyable one. It is very important that you keep yourself clear which depending on the device can be done a number of ways. Always ensure that you keep yourself well lubricated and ensure that no areas are left dry which can cause soreness. It is important to note that Chastity cages are sold as Novelty items and not in any way medically approved. Therefore getting the right one for you is the most important part of your journey.

Contact: Once you have read the above you may firstly fill out a contract which can be found here and then approach me via email with a proposal.

Once you have chosen the options from above we will agree a method of communication, any of the following are acceptable: Email, kik, or twitter DM.

Payment options: I have several payment options. Please click here to tribute.

Contract - Please find my online contract here. You will need to complete this in full and either copy and paste or duplicate its contents. Email across to me once complete ensuring you have sent an intial tribute on the form of a gift voucher to It is essential that this is completed before chastisment can start.