Lady Lucia Lock - Remote and Online Domination Specialist.

Welcome to my offering. I am Lady Lucia Lock, I have had a passion for Power Exchange for a number of years now. For as long as I can recall I have always had a need to be in control, to organise, to command and to lead. I get what I want.

Working in the professional business world for a decade has given me the ability to conduct myself with authority and strength. I demand obedience and respect from all of my subjects.

You are now in the realm of my professional offering. You have the oppurtunity to serve a commanding, empowered and professional female. Should I deem you worthy I will take control. Be it, Financial, Chastisement and Key Holding, Remote Domination via email, text and various other forms, whatever you crave will not come likely, but will be earned.
Professional Remote and Online Domination Services

Key Holding, Financial, Email and Text Domination
Lady Lucia Lock

Do you crave denial?
Do you crave chastisement.
Do you crave financial control by a powerful Domme?
Do you crave control over all aspects of your sexual desire and pleasure?
Do you have a need to be granted permission for your urges to be taken a step further?
Do you long to pay a tax on your thoughts, your desires and your ultimate release?
Do you crave the attention of a Professional Domme?
Do you long to be owned and controlled by The Woman of your darkest desrires?

Relinquish the control. Lady Lucia will see you now.
Relinquish control